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  • Beat Competitors Or Price Match
  • Easy Prescription Transfer
  • Free Delivery To Your Doory
  • Curbside Pick Up
  • Consultative Approach
  • Locally Owned
  • No Waiting Or High Prices


Here’s exactly how we price your drugs
We’re different than your normal drug wholesaler. We think you should know how much your medications cost and why. For example, a 30-count supply of 400mg Bupropion will cost:

Your drug cost with us:

You Save $ $581 on your medication

Retail price at other companies:

At big name national brands you’re just another number locked into bad customer service, log lines & higher pricing. At H&H Family Rx we have a consultative approach to your prescription & health and clients often save money and get more with our flexibility & community approach. 

Deliveries take anywhere from 4 hrs up to 48 depending on the prescription & location of the delivery in surrounding areas up to 20 miles.

H&H family pharmacy accepts all major insurance plans.

Yes we built our business on assisting non-insured Texas residents looking for a community pharmacy.

H&H Family Pharmacy offers delivery of over 300 prescriptions including some controlled and refrigerated medications. We also offer delivery of common over the counter medications and supplements like Tylenol, Vitamin B, & bio freeze pain gel.

H&H Family Pharmacy allows you to set up a caregiver account if one person will be managing a family member or loved one’s prescriptions. Contact us to set it up.

Yes we work with senior communities of 100 or more residents, children group homes + more. We love helping facilities & caregivers.